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Opportunities brought by the restart of photovoltaic market

Since the market rebounded in the past three weeks, BYD led the hype of lithium plate once performed eye-catching. In fact, the photovoltaic sector in the new energy industry is gradually showing investment opportunities.

Meng Xiangan, vice president of China Renewable Energy Society, said recently that the local government of a western province will guarantee the grid price of 1.15 yuan per kilowatt hour for the photovoltaic projects completed before September 30 this year, and the total installed capacity is expected to reach 800000 kilowatts. By then, China's newly added photovoltaic power generation capacity will exceed 1 million kilowatts this year. This may indicate that China's photovoltaic market will finally start and enter the fast lane of development.

From the perspective of international market, the increase of internal rate of return of photovoltaic power station leads to rush loading tide. The internal reason for the re emergence of the rush to load in the European photovoltaic market is that the efficiency of photovoltaic modules has improved and the price has decreased, while the on grid electricity price has basically remained unchanged, and the pre tax financial internal rate of return of power station projects has increased to a considerable level. The rise of yield has attracted a large number of investors' attention again.

"Catching the last bus" is the psychological reason for the emergence of rush loading tide. Although the probability of PV subsidy reduction in Germany in the second half of the year is very small, it is bound to be cut again at the beginning of next year. Driven by the psychology of seizing this year's "last bus", investors will even overdraw part of the demand in the first half of next year.

To find the investment target of photovoltaic industry in A-share, it is suggested to follow the following two ideas: one is to invest in the leading polysilicon manufacturers in the industry, but poly GCL and other giants are not listed in A-share; the other is photovoltaic equipment companies in the photovoltaic industry, such as Seiko technology and Tianlong Optoelectronics.

If you look at it carefully, a notice from TBEA shows that A-share will also have the formation of polysilicon giants. The company increased capital and shares to silicon companies with 1 billion yuan, and promoted the polysilicon construction project with 7.2 billion yuan investment. The project includes 26000 T / a polysilicon production line, 2350 MW thermal power station, etc. At present, there are only a few companies with an annual output of 3000 tons of polysilicon in the A-share market, which shows that this stock has a good chance to become a new investment target of photovoltaic. In addition, in addition to its steady growth of transformer business, TBEA also has abundant reserves in coal and electricity in recent years, with over 10 billion tons of coal mine exploration rights, so its long-term value is prominent.

Another company that can be concerned is Tianlong optoelectronics. Upstream equipment manufacturers undoubtedly benefit more from the development of the photovoltaic industry. Last year, Niugu Seiko technology demonstrated this legend from the time it received large orders. In addition to maintaining a leading position in the domestic single crystal furnace, Tianlong optoelectronics has also made a breakthrough in the business of polysilicon ingot furnace, and also laid out high-tech equipment fields such as sapphire crystal growth furnace and MOCVD in the LED industry.